Energy projects

Our Company operates the following types of projects, in the Energy Sector :

  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES) (Solar, Small Hydroelectric, Wind, Solar, Biomass, etc.)
  • Natural Gas
  • Cogeneration of electricity and heating
  • Energy Saving
  • Replacement of Conventional Energies with Natural Gas
  • Bioclimatic and Energy building design
  • Systems minimizing energy consumption

Specifically, the Services for Licensing - Research - Funding P / B stations and other renewable energy projects under the Development Act or other operational programs are:

  • Assessment of the court suitability for the installation of  electricity production stations from RES
  • Preliminary Design, Economic Evaluation and assessment of  produced electricity.
  • Production  - Installation - Operation Licenses
  •  Environmental Licensing
  • Connection process  to the P.P.C.
  • Detailed Design and Study Implementation for the construction of stations.
  • Preparation, submission to the Ministry of Economy and management of Techno economic Design File for inclusion of investment in the Investment Law.
  • Files syntax   for inclusion of projects in Operational Programs.
  • Evaluation of Technical Specifications and Equipment Finance Offers
  •  Design Works optimization
  •  Implementation of the latest technologies and solutions.
  •  Supervision of the construction project
  •  Project Management.
  •  Project Delivery
  •  Monitoring of  the operation and maintenance of the project.

The company has experience in energy audits and experience to provide all services for integration, financing and completion projects in grant programs.
The Company undertakes major projects both inGreece and abroad.