Technical advisor

As part of Project Management (Project Management), the "Alcon Consultants Ltd." undertakes :
- The feasibility study
- The scheduletiming of the Project
- The cost evaluation
- The choice of implementation method
- The division of work and better utilization of resources and personnel for both qualitative and economic integration of the project in minimum time possible
- The integration of project funding to programs
- The preparation of the quality program
- Assessment and risk management (Risk Analysis)


The Company provides high quality services in Project Management (Project Management) as well as on the integration process of the work at national and European funding programs.

Examples of the following programs:
-          Third Community Support Framework
-           Investing Energy, R.E.S. and Cogeneration
-           Community Initiative LEADER +
-           Regional Operational Programmes (ROP)
-           ALTENER
-           SAVE
-           G.S.P.
-           Operational Program "Environment and Sustainable Development" (E.P.PER.A.A)