The company «ALCON CONSULTANTS LTD was founded at 1994 and is the sequence of Office of Studies and Supervision of electrical / mechanical installations "K. Kotsogianis  & Associates " which was founded at 1975 by the Mechanical- Electrical Engineer Konstantinos. In the Partners of the office are belonging the  Engineers - Electrical Engineers John  Dilaris and George Magavalis.

The object of the company services is:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Installations (Study and Supervision)
  • Energy Studies (Energy Planningofelectrical-mechanical Installation,Gas, cogeneration of electricity and heating,energy production,energy saving,Exploitation of RES, Energy Audits, Energy Studies
  • Project Management
  • Supervision of building construction
  • Commissioning and start - up assistance
  • Environmental Studies
  • Technical Consultant Services
  • Management of National and European Programs

The Company is staffed by qualified scientists and engineers and  experienced, highly qualified draughtspersons. The permanent personnel of the Company consists of 20 engineers, draughtspersons  and 6 administrative personnel.

The Company offers the following engineering design specialties (design "degrees") :


  • Category 3                                                                             Α' class

(Financial Designs)

  • Category  5:                                                                           Α' class

(Design of Organization and Operational Research)

  • Category  6:                                                                           Α' class

(Architectural Studies)

  •  Category 8:                                                                           Α'& C' class

(Structural Design)

  •  Category 09:                                                                         Α', C'&Ε' class

(Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Studies)

  • Category  10:                                                                         Α'& C' class

(Transportation Project Studies)

  • Category 13:                                                                          Α' & C' class

(Hydraulic Studies)

  • Category 14:                                                                          Α',Β'& C' class

(Energy Studies)

  • Category 15:                                                                          Α' & C' class

(Industrial Studies)

  • Category 16:                                                                          A' class

(topography studies)

  • Category 21:                                                                           Α' class

(Geotechnical Studies)

  • Category 27:                                                                          Α'& C' class

(Environmental Studies)

The Company is managed by three-member Board of Directors consisting of Shareholders - Executives:

Konstantinos Kotsogianis
Mechanical- Electrical Engineer NTUA (1968)
Administrative Head

John Dilaris
Mechanical- Electrical Engineer NTUA (1976)
Project Manager

George Magavalis
Mechanical- Electrical Engineer NTUA (1976)
Project Manager

The experience of the company in electrical / mechanical project designs of each category is evidenced not only by the numerous elaborated studies, particularly in high quality projects of large and specific requirements, but aslo by the rich profiles of key personnel.

The Company has a high level of infrastructure and equipment, useful not only for successful, rapid and comprehensive studies, but also for compliance  with standards  during  the provision of management services, studies and projects.

The office is organized according to modern requirements, by having specialized departments for each employment sector, full automation for the production of studies, use of both Greek and International standards where appropriate, and know-how of the procedures for quality control, safety, minimization of  energy consumption, easy maintenance of the works etc.

The Technical Office equipment consists of a network of thirty-six (36) modern personal computers connected to three (3) Plotters and Fourteen (14) various types of printers. The Software used includes:

  • Full range of computer packages for electrical- mechanical facilities
  • Full range of computer packages work in Civil Engineering
  • Word and fee processing  packages
  • Complete design package of AutoDesk AutoCAD 2012
  • software package and all major, proposed and approved by the E.U. and E.P.A., mathematical models for  simulation implementation

H Company maintains and applies a quality system complies with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 with Certificate Number: 3602/10 29/07/2010
The Quality Policy for the services during the provision of services is summarized and documented in the Quality Policy Manual of "Alcon Consultants Ltd."

The Quality Policy for services is summarized as follows:

A. The services will fully comply with specified requirements and defined delivery times, as these will be specified in the Contract between the Employer and the Contractor.
B. Compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, orders, etc. as specified in the Contract between the Employer and the Contractor, and compliance with all applicable law relating to Quality, Safety and Environmental Impact of construction which will be specified in the study.
C. The continuous improvement of quality-related functions of the offices so that services are of high quality in the Greek and international market.
D. The close collaboration with the Employer, in order to continually improve the quality of services offered.
E. The sustained development of human resources in the group of services (and the improvement of available resources) to participate efficiently, qualitatively, correctly and creatively  in the various stages of the service providing

The responsibility of monitoring and control has been given to  a team services member , the Controller of Quality Assurance and Quality Control, to achieve the above objectives, the continuous check of the adopted methodology and the improvement of  service throughout the duration of the project.